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Judith Lanigan is a stunt hula hoopist and author, the daughter of journalist and a detective.


She studied her circus speciality - hula hoops- at the Moscow State Circus School and created her signature piece- a hula hoop variation of the ballet divertissement 'The Dying Swan' - which toured extensively to international Arts and Street Theatre Festivals.


Lanigan documented her experiences in a book titled 'A True History of the Hula Hoop' published as fiction by Picador in 2009.


The sequel 'Clownland' is a journey through an unusual country to discover what its extraordinary inhabitants have learnt about life, loss, and happiness.

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The ebook edition of Clownland is available for download here


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Lanigan's Dying Swan is a hulahoop variation of the ballet divertissement originally choreographed for Anna Pavlova 

Stunt Hula hoopist with an extensive background of international Arts and street theatre performance- multilingual, versatile, crowd-commanding comedy.

Published as fiction by Picador in 2009, A True History of the Hula Hoop documents Lanigan's experiences as a hula hoopist. Shortlisted for the Varuna Award. Highly Commended for the Barbra Jeffries, and the Kibble Award. 

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