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 A Ghostwriter assists you to tell your story.

Autobiography, Memoir, Family History, Company History, or a Literary 'How To', all add value to our lives or our work.  But they can also be overwhelming, time-consuming and require a certain objectivity.


The First Rule of Ghostwriting is never talk about the Ghostwriting you have done. The purpose of a Ghostwriter is work with you, to help you complete the book you want to write. Confidentiality is important, and defined in the agreement we negotiate together. 


The Second Rule of Ghostwriting is find the voice that is authentically yours, and help design the structure of the story you are telling. 


The Third Rule is Research, Research, Research. This includes the matierial you provide, and external sources, to verify as much as possible. 


Every Ghostwriting project is different. And just like any project, it requires good planning and management to meet deadlines and expectations that are defined within the Agreement.


I am a published and well-reviewed Author, I trained to provide Investigation Services at the Australian School of Security and Investigation, and passed nationwide police and background checks, and Character References to gain a Victorian Investigators License. 


If you have a writing project to do, or to complete, I look forward to talking to you about it. 

You can contact me via email.


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