The Dying Swan

A ballet solo about a Dying Swan, performed by a hula hoop virtuosa.


Originally based on the divertissment choreographed by Fokine for Anna Pavlova over a hundred years ago this is a funny, beautiful and highly skilled piece of stage or street theatre entertaiment.


[This act has been developed into a solo theatre show called SwanVille with the assistance of partner producer The Judith Wright Centre (QLD) and Mount Alexander Arts and Culture]

Press Reviews For The Dying Swan:


“A brilliant, essentially comic routine that dissolves into a blur of hoops and flying feathers.”

The Age A2


“Un Arte difficile, che rende onore ai poetti della strada. (A difficult art that gives honour to the poets of the street)

La Corriere Mercantile, Italy 2003


"an excellent adaptation of a classical theme with a highly intelligent wink from Down Under"

Tete A Tete festival Director. 2004


“SWAN DIVA  Judith Lanigans interpretation of The Dying Swan adds a marvelous touch of craziness”

Arts Watch, The Sunday Mail Oct 2000


"... the highlight of the show, however, was Miss Judy's wonderful - and superbly funny - The Dying Swan routine with hula hoops"

Evening News, Edinburgh Festival. Go Go Burlesco 2005


‘silly and sublime…hoops that built to an improbably large number, and thunderous applause … an impressive Dance of The Dying Swan”

The Nelson Mail 2003



Dying Swan Portrait
Swan Handstand
7 Hoops
Kleines Fest 2005
Pandora Karavan 2000
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Swan Handstand